Climate Changing

International visit for UN convention on Climate Change

With the support of Siemenpuu foundation, Finland. Mr. Satyanarayana Pattanayak, Secretary Seba Jagat cum Zonal Convenor of National Adivasi Alliance along with Mr. S. Roy David, National Convener (NAA) participated in the Siemenpuu foundation India partner's meeting at Helsinks, Finland from 17th November to 6th December 2009. They also participated in a meeting with different movement groups at Helsinks during this time from 7th to 18th December 2009. They participated in the UN Convention on climate change at Copenhagen, Denmark and highlighted the environmental issues and challenges of the region & country in different platforms. Distributed booklets, leaflets, posters, wrist belt, musk etc on Niyamagiri issue and adivasi's rights protection.