Health Activities

Programme Focus on Health

"Community health is community wealth" this is the nation that we strongly belief. This emphasizes more of community based prevention & promotion health care practices. The major health care requires reducing infant & maternal death, reduction of malnutrition, malaria, Tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, Jaundice and sickle cell anemia. Besides women are helped to prevent various gyanic problems that they suffer because of unhygienic practices.


Seba Jagat perceives a healthy society where each individual cutting across all barriers of caste, creed, religion, gender and age, lead a healthy, hassle free social life with complete food security on a perpetual basis. The healthy society so formed shall be able to transmit this vision and culture to its successors who shall not only be able to lead similar lifestyle but also be able to challenge any threats and eventualities of the future.


"Health as we perceive is not limited to absence of disease and infirmity, it is the integration of social, mental and physical health of the individuals as well as the society. The major roles are to be played by the individuals and CBO, village level Health & Sanitation committees, while Seba - Jagat shall play a catalytic role to accelerate the process of people's action. A community living in the remotest corner shall perceive demand and work for health as a basic human right and central issue for development."


"Empowering the community to become healthier, more united, muatually spoortive of the poorest and the wearker person, especially the women and children through transformation of attitude and behaviours"


  • Reduce MMR & IMR.
  • Create consciousness among the communities, students on health and sanitation.
  • Improve the health and nutrition status of Pregnant and Lactating mothers & the children below five.
  • Make health services reach the common needy and un-reached people.
  • Improve the quality of drinking water and general sanitation of the village.
  • Encourage herbal and other alternate means of treatment.
  • Strengthening Health Co-operatives.
  • Reduce incidence of Malaria, Diarrhea, Jaundice and all vector borne and water borne diseases.
  • Through sensitized public forums creating pressure on Policy makers and Administrators to perceive and treat health as the centre of all developmental work.

Key Intervention

  • Early childhood development.
  • Safe motherhood and neonatal Health.
  • Integrated community management of child health illness and nutrition.
  • Developed peer groups on community health awareness.
  • Sensitization on HIV/AIDS, Malaria, TB and different diseases.
  • Primary health care services to the un-reached area ( remote tribal area ).
  • Develop participatory communication strategy to advocate for health entitlement of rural communities.
  • Support to develop herbal garden and herbal practicenors.
  • promoting Home-Based Care (ICDS), promoting RCH rights, improving health seeking behavior (NRHM).
  • Developed network with health and ICDS at block and district level.
  • Managing Hospital through Public private partnership (PPP mode) .
  • Capacity building training to service providers or grassroots level workers.


  • Peer group empowerment and sensitization of Community especially of women through social mobilization.
  • Increasing awareness level.
  • Strengthening synergy for convergence.
  • Capacity building.
  • Innovation activities.
  • Building local change agent or peer groups.
  • Sensitizing institutional members.
  • Documentation, Lobby and advocacy.
  • Developing location specific behavioral change communication (BCC).

Name Of Health Activities

  • Awareness activities.
  • Observation on World AIDS Day.
  • RTI/STI detection Camp.
  • Awareness on Malaria.
  • Mother and child health Care through participatory communication program under NRHM.
  • Participation in National level events.
  • Training to Service providers and peer group
  • Emergency Health service
  • Strengthening Goan Kalyana Samittee (GKS)
  • Sensitization on maternal and child health care
  • Reduction of Malnutrition
  • Promotion of Kitchen Garden
  • Baby Show
  • Awareness program on TB
  • Joint monitoring visit with CDPO and MO
  • Village Contract Drives (VCD) on Child Health issues
  • Interface program with health and ICDS
  • Awareness on local priorities diseases
  • Sensitization one Early Marriage at communities level
  • Nutrition Campaign
  • Blood donation Camp.