Management of PHC (N) under Private partnership Program of NRHM

Seba Jagat has taken the management role of Barabandha PHC (N) under Private Partnership Program (PPP) of NRHM Since 12th June 2008 with the following


  • To provide preventive, promotive,and curative health services by managing PHC (N) under PPP.
  • Promote comprehensive client centered integrated Public Health Communication strategy to bring about a change in knowledge, attitude & behavior practices in the population through Community Health Partnership Programme.
  • Encouraging Institutional service for pregnant women, family planning sterilization etc.
  • To enhance the community health partnership on managing the local Primary Health Center (new) in the remote tribal areas.
  • Providing regular preventive, promotional and curative health services to the vulnerable suffering people at their doorstep.
  • Strengthening the existing health system by improving the management.
  • Widening the range of services and number of service providers.
  • Clearly defined sharing of risks.
  • Community ownership for health services.

Outdoor & Indoor activities

Adolescent Girls Meet : Conducting adolescent girls meeting at village level and orientation to them on maintain of person health and hygienic, problems of tiny age pregnancy and abortion, appropriate nutrition food, good health etc.
School Health Education Programme : Organizing School Health education programme regularly for health awareness among the pupil.
Focus group Discussion : Village level awareness camp on better health & sanitation programme has been done by different Focus group discussion as following topics:

  • Organizing village wise monthly Women Health awareness meeting.
  • Use of safe drinking water & sanitation.
  • Mother & Child health care.
  • Pregnancy care, Antenatal care.
  • Birth preparedness & New born child care, complementary food, Nutrition & Health Day (NHD).
  • Awareness Building on Diarrhea. Prevention of Malaria. Demonstration of use of mosquitonet, Well-illuminated house, keeping household periphery clean, not allowing stagnation of water etc.
Ambulance Services : Providing Ambulance services to beneficiaries in 24 hours.

Health Camp

Organizing Health camp at cluster level with the support of PHC staff and Mobile health unit in project level and providing health service i.e counseling, treatment and provision of medicine to the patients, identification of high risk patient and refers to them in sub-divisional hospital.

  • Behavioral Change Communication : Organizing different programme i.e street play, Folk lore & rhythms, film show, healthy baby show for Public Health Communication strategy to bring about a change in knowledge, attitude & behavior practices in the Community.
  • Indoor activities : Primary health services to people, emergency Services for treatment of patients in 24 hours, maintaining cleanliness in the hospital, delivery facilities ,Sampling and testing of blood group of the patients, counseling to the patients etc.
  • RCH Camp : The RCH Health Awareness Camp has been conducting by Barabandha PHC (N) in half yearly basic and organized various activities i.e baby show, health check up program, quiz competitions, demonstration on family welfare activities etc for the public awareness & free medicine distributed to patients.