Diversion Based Irrigation (DBI)

Diversion based irrigation system diverts a portion of water from a natural source like spring/ mountainous stream or any Water Harvesting Structure and uses it with or without intermediate storage for the purpose of irrigating crops

The irrigation system aimed to provide life saving irrigation to small tribal land holders in the topography where canal irrigation is almost impossible due to the higher altitude of land.

This diversification irrigation system works through tapping water through perennial and semi-perennial source of water in a higher elevation and diverting the water through PVC pipe lines along with the contours through intermittent outlets.

As there is no electrification in the agricultural fields for operating the electric pumps for the irrigation purposes, thus the diversion based irrigation project through gravity flow has been a sustainable model for providing the irrigation facilities to the uplands.

As a new intervention Seba Jagat has started two DBI in two perennial water sources where water will be used for protective irrigation in kharif crops and to Rabi crops./ There will be no electrification in agricultural field to operating the electrical pump for the irrigation purpose. Thus the diversification of irrigation will take place through gravity of water.