Empowerment of Physical Challenge People

Current situations of PWDs

Social exclusion and indiscrimination is prevalent almost everywhere in the country, Kalahandi is impacted more considerably than other areas because it is one of the most backward Districts not only in Odisha but also in India. More than 70 percent tribal & Dalit population who have suffer disproportionately from displacement, landlessness, food insecurity, unemployment, hunger, malnutrition, high IMR & MMR.. The condition of the people with disabilities (PWDs) in this district is simply horrible in terms of their socio, economic, political and cultural exclusion. Their human rights are violated from every corner.

Firstly, they belong to culturally excluded groups (tribal, Dalit and other "backward" categories). Secondly, constant spiritual beliefs reinforce the notion that supernatural causes are responsible for their condition so they are more likely to feel shy than hope. Thirdly, they are geographically isolated and economically disadvantaged so have little experience of what medical treatments can or cannot do. Fourthly, because of social traditions, they have low expectations of their own abilities - a self-fulfilling prediction.

There are many types of disabilities with different degrees may be visible or hidden, temporary or permanent are seen in our operational area. As the district level statistic shows that 32,436 disable persons are presently reside in the different rural and inaccessible pockets.

People with disabilities are entitled to equally access to education, self employment of government, equal rights to parenthood properties ownership, political rights and other constitutional provisions. But it is a matter of regret that many of them are yet deprived of their rights. As per human right commission perspective, the disabilities required society and the government to actively promote the conditions to all such individuals to fully enjoy their rights and fundamental freedoms. However, insufficient initiatives taken by government resulting which the situations are unchanged. Different study reveals that government departments is not showing their keen interest in identifying the disable persons in rural base so many are left outs.

Our involvement

Since its inception Seba Jagat has been working for the empowerment and dignified living of excluded groups, tribal, Dalit and other "backward" disadvantaged communities who have been systematically dispossessed of their homes, hearths and their very means of existence. Its operational area is comprised in 6 blocks of the district. Though PWDs are most vulnerable and marginalized groups in the society we intended our work in last couple of years. We have been formed a federation of PWDs in regional level approach, further to it we established linkages with concerned block and district level federation, with an intention to establishing a structured way linking with the government machineries.

Objectives of Seba Jagat intends to Facilitate

  • Community sensitization on the issues and rehabilitation of PWDs.
  • Facilitating the process of inclusion: Social, Economic, & Political.
  • Building up of PWD cadres to work for the rights of the PWDs.
  • Promoting Disabled People's Organizations (DPOs) at G.P. & Block level.
  • Creating some Income Generation Models (based on handicrafts).
  • Conducting Research / Study on disability.

Our activities at nut cell

Definitely, in our locality shows imbalance between disabled and non disabled persons in each respect. This situation creating disables to live in without self-dignity, self-respect. For this reasons we believe everyone should right to work. That's why we are committed to supporting disabled and disadvantaged people into employment opportunities; strengthening to fight for rights and to live more independent lives. To carry out our commitment we intends them in mainstreaming the physical challenges Seba Jagat has been facilitating its activities specifically for empowerment.

Seba Jagat initiated to form a physical challenge committee at Regda Gram Panchyat of Karlamunda block. By the end of June, 2009 Seba Jagat found 293 numbers of disable persons are found in nearby 6 Gram Panchyats and succeeded to form a committee. Maximum of them are unable to get education. They have no mobility means. About 60 percent of persons are quite unable to maintain their family. The disable persons have already identified their rights and present problems and participated in a rally at M.Rampur block and submitted a memorandum to BDO and Thahasildar. They demanded the facilitation against the following identification problems.

  • Regular free health services.
  • Increment of income from Rs 200 to Rs 1000.
  • Health insurance for all disables persons.
  • Free travel facilities during their journey by bus and train.
  • Facilities to education and training.
  • Involve them in BPL.
  • Facilities to avail Indira Avas housing.
  • Provision for Antodaya card.
  • Participation for Pallisabha and Gram Sabha.
  • Reservation for Government services.
  • Development of skill through vocational training.
  • Facilities for drinking water, latrine and electricity.
  • Participation facilities in social activities.