Right To Information

  • The president of Regional level Physical Challenge committee(Anchalika BhinanKshyam Sammitee) Regeda Mr. Suresh Ch Chaudhri had wanted to know the status of Indira Awas Beneficiaries (from 2006 to November 2012) from PD DRDA, Kalahandi and he also wanted to know the GP wise Beneficiary , along with a list of disable person got IAY benefited.
  • As a result now he is able to get the status of Two GPs. And also he wanted to know the beneficiary Name and category of BPL, APL, Antodoya ,PLO ( particularly Dist-GP wise including the Name of Disable Person).
  • Third RTI booked to DPC for Appointment of Teacher in primary education how many disable appointed.
  • Another RTI against Grama Shabah Report of Regeda Panchayat on November 2012 by Mr. Hiramani Sahu Secretary of Regional level Physical Challenge. He had got the Xerox copy of proceeding of Grama Shabha .

Prospects of RTI Act

The exercise of the right to information has the potential to kill the seed of corruption from the society by infusing openness and transparency into the system and change the very face of the nation by making it more democratic. In can be used to remove poverty and unemployment from the country by ensuring effective utilization of government funds allocated for the purpose.


  • The Act is yet to be taken to each door step. A large part of the population is still ignorant about the Act & its use.
  • The number of trained RTI Volunteers has to be increased.
  • People are yet to learn the technique of Social Audit and use of RTI for common issues.
  • Public shall be oriented to usher in advocacy for RTI-compliance administrative model and governance.