Tribal Rights & Culture

  • Ensuring protection of Adibasis customary rights in the community level in 40 villages in Kandhamal and Kalahandi district.
  • Ensuring better livelihood of Adibasis with the value addition to their traditional practices and fighting for their rights over their resources.
  • Strengthening the healing practices exist among the Adibasis communities and recovery the vanishing of best practices.
  • As Adibasis women are more vulnerable ,so it will ensure the women's participation in all type of developments and also their ownership over the resources and services.
  • Economic empowerment of Adibasis.
  • To take burning issues of the locality for the protection of Adibasis basic rights and environment challenges.
  • Empowering adivasis to take proper implementation of Govt. Program like. NREGA(For the first time unemployment allowance was given in Kalahandi district), RTI, FRA, MO JAMI MO DIHA, RIGHT TO FOOD PROGRAMME.
  • Child Centric Development.
  • Formation & strengthening of People's Organization / CBOs.

Adivasi Museum

Adivasi Museum established at Rangapadar village in Seba Jagat premises; it's an initiative to exhibit the tribal life style and their rich cultural heritage.

Rindo Majhi Mela

This Mela is unique in nature, it is observing to give reverence to the Tribal Hero Rindo Majhi. It is a platform to re-think about the past heroism of their leaders and take decisions to fight against social exclusion