Income Generation of Activity

Efforts have been made towards streamline the IGP activities of SHGs and federations by providing adequate support services. This year we are giving more emphasing upon the skill development of the women members by providing them the skill based training programs for their sustainable income. With the support of NABARD, Oil extraction training was organized, 40 nos of trainees were able to gain knowledge about the oil extraction process techniques. Basic skills for good harvesting, primary processing, proper storage and collective bargaining have been imparted to the primary collectors/producers. The SHGs have initiated new income generating activities like small shop, NTFP marketing, vegetable vendor, goatary, fishery, hill broom making, palm leaf craft, leaf plate making etc. For this purpose, SHGs are well linked with the concerned local banks for the financial assistance. Newly 32 SHGs have been linked with bank for IGP activities.

ailaitamu mahila federation is successfully doing its income generation activities with an effective manner. Current financial year they produced 82 quintals of Nutritional powder (Chatua), 14 quintals Turmeric, 2 quintals of Ragi powder, 70 kilos of spices powers. These products are prepared in their own common facility centre (CFC). SEBA UDYOG out let has been established by the federation, all the processing products of SHGs are sold here. This year the out let earned profit of Rs 30, 767 (Income Rs 457045 and expenditure Rs 426283), this profit money is being rotate in the business.

Federation marketed its produces besides its own jurisdiction, they participated in the fairs and exhibitions of Kalahandi Mahoshaba, Dhanu yatra, Bali yatra. With the participation they can able to learn about the current marketing systems like pushing sale, branding, proper packaging, quality control mechanisms etc.