About Us


Establishing a just, participatory and sustainable society, where each individual will live with dignity and self-respect leading a harmonious life with having equitable sharing over all natural resources and development.


Eradication of poverty through a People Centered action strongly believing on Gandhian concept of development, work as a catalyst to ensure the active participation of poor, tribals, SC and downtrodden for their self-liberation from oppressive conditions of ignorance, fear, poverty and exploitation by awakening their socio-psychological and decision making potential in order to maintain a respectfully healthy and hassle-free life style in the society. While doing so Organisation must see that the last person in the society is not left out.


  • Enabling the last person of the society to live with dignity.
  • Improving the quality of life.
  • Creating general awareness through individual contact, meeting, camps, seminars/workshops, conferences, festivals and traditional cultural Programme.
  • Promoting peoples sustainable Organization & developing peoples bargaining power.
  • Imparting mass and community based education Programme.
  • Improving the living standard of economically poor especially of women through micro enterprising activities.
  • Establishing self-confidence among the people through the mobilisation of local available resources.
  • Developing agriculture in a sustainable manner.
  • Creating awareness on environment & action Programme.
  • Strengthening village craft & indigenous small industries.
  • Take up women empowerment activities and action against child exploitation.
  • Providing health facilities through preventive and curative measures.
  • Providing legal support.
  • Establishing training, research & documentation Centre.
  • Taking-up issue based Networking in Micro level.
  • Acting as an intermediary between the Govt. and the target group.
  • Mobilizing Grants and Loans from different Resource Agencies (National/Foreign), Govt. and Financial Institutions and channelizing the funds to other likeminded agencies for the above Developmental activities.