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Details of Operational Areas of Seba Jagat 2015-2016


SlNo. Name of the Project Core Objective/ Theme Area of Operation
1. PATHWAYS Project To promote livelihood sources of ST and SC women in project area. 3 GPs of M.Rampur & 1 GP of Narla block.
2. Strengthening Community Action for Health and Nutrition(SCAHN) Increase utilization of maternal, neonatal health and nutritional service. Strengthen community engagement in building awareness of services among tribal and Dalit communities. 150 villages in 15 GPs of M. Rampur and Narla Block.
3. Sustainable Option for Uplifting Livelihood (SOUL) Food Security and strengthening community based Organization. 10 Villages of Muskuti and Takarla GPs of Narla Block.
4. Child Development Project (CDP) Improve the quality life of children, youth and communities. 8 GPs of Golamunda Block.
5. Adivasi Traditional Right and Livelihood Project (ATRLP) Secure livelihood through protection of Traditional rights. 1 GP of M.Rampur block & 1 GP of Baliguda block.
6. Strengthening Adivasi Socio-Cultural Co-operation of NAA East Zone Improve of Adivasi Life & Livelihood ( Exchange Program with Chhatisgarh & Jhadkhand Adivasi groups) 40 villages in M. Rampur & Baliguda Block
7. Functional Vocational Training Programme Creating employment opportunities to rural youth. 2 GPs of M.Rampur, 2 GPs of Lanjigarh & 1 GP of Baliguda Block.
8. Addressing Nutritional and Improving Access to Relevant Government Schemes. Improve quality of life of poor local communities in remote tribal pockets by enhancing participation in local governance & improving information and access to Govt. schemes. 5 GPs and 50 Villages of M. Rampur Block.
9. Infant & Young Child feeding and Maternal Nutrition Introduction and use of the innovative communication and training tools is to enhance the capacity of frontline functionaries to provide information and counseling to families and communities to improve survival, growth and development of children. 80 villages of Lanjigarh , Narla and Golamunda Block.
10. Community Led Sanitation (CLS) Program Development of Open Depiction Free(ODF) Village through Community Led Sanitation program. 120 villages in 8 G.P of M.Rampur Block.

Govt. Project

SlNo. Name of the Project Core Objective/ Theme Area of Operation
1. Management of Primary Health Centre( New) Providing better Primary Health services in remote areas. 1 GP of M.Rampur block
2. SABALA Improve the life skill education, behaviours change and enhance knowledge on public service among the adolescents girls. M. Rampur Block
3. MGNREGA,NRLM AND CFT Convergence Project , Kalahandi, Odisha. Enhance of the livelihood opportunities of the poor people by providing employment opportunity .Creating productive asset and reducing disaster and migration. Proper management of natural resource . Fostering social equality by empowering rural women. To initiate a peoples oriented planning process by strengthening functioning of PRIs and local leader and including of eligible beneficiaries under different scheme & Capacity building of stack holder. 8 GPs of Golamunda Block

Corporate Projects

SlNo. Name of the Project Core Objective/ Theme Area of Operation
1. Avantha Nutritional fellowship Situation analysis and identification key problems pertaining to Child Malnutrition in selected project area. 5 Villages of M. Rampur & 4 Villages of Narla Block.
2. Elementary Education in South Odisha(EESO) Active participation of Early Child in AWC, Promotion in the level of Education standard of the students up to Upper Primary and Improvement in I.T knowledge level of High School students in most neglected tribal pockets of the district. 55 Villages in 5 G.P of Lanjigarh Block.