Case Study

Improving Agriculture -Improved Livelihood

For the first time in Talbora Kandasarabahali village of Lakhabahali Panchayat in lanjigarh Block. Seven tribal farmers has done a demonstration in paddy cultivation in SRI method with the support of Agriculture Dept. With the motivation of Seba Jagat staff they were given proper orientation on process of SRI method and for the first time the 7 farmers adopted the method and started SRI method .Though initially they were not sure of what this would result but after the harvesting they were very happy when they found their production has increased around 8 to 10 quintals per acre. From the land they were getting 13 to 15 quintals they got 22 to 25 quintal. Apart from the incentive amount of Rs 4750/-through cheque from agriculture Dept. made them more happy.

These seven farmers have become on eye opener in the area and now planning to work more with agriculture dept.

“ I do not feel myself a disable; I am an able to do all things.”

Ms Jangaseni Thappa, Age:- 27, Sex:-Female, Marital Status:- Unmarried, Education Qualification-Class-10th, Village of origin- Alim, GP- Takarla, Block-Narla, Dist- Kalahandi. Ms. Jangyaseni Thapa is a physical Challenge Person. She in not walk able, but now Jangyaseni is working as a vocati onal Training teacher in the Rendo Maji National Child Labour School, Regeda. Jangyaseni was not disabling in her birth time, when she was 5 years old her health was very illness, then she did not walk and walk by help of Stick. She read till 5th class in her village, no any facilities to read in her village. Then her father met with MP of Kalahandi about Tri-cycle for Jangyaseni Thapa, then MP informed to DDRC, Kalahandi. Then Jangya got tri-cycle and she went to Palam high School 5km far from her village. She completed class 10th in 2005. She helped in cook, House work and agriculture work in her family ( Jangya says " no anyone believe me to do this type of work, but I do all thing in patients" and she also taught (tuition) to 15 children in village and earned some money.

In the year 2007 Seba Jagat started vocational training with the support of FVTRS in a nearby village Rendabahali , Jagnaseni joined happily. She was selected by the community and during the training she was one of the good students. She had a very good attitude for learning. Rendabahali GP, 4 Km far from her village. She had stayed there in her relatives' house. Then Jangya completed the training programme. And then she got job vocational teacher at Rendo Majhi NCLP.

Jangyaseni not only a vocational teacher she is also a Teacher. She is not walk-able in physically but mentally she creates more walk-able Person. Within fourth years she has trained 30 nos students successfully vocational training. She loves to little children for teaching. She also organised a child club meeting in this village, by the effort of Jangyaseni in every month, children of NCLP organised Rally on village sanitation, Antiliquor, Safe environment.

In her school she keeps good relation with parents and formed one SHG group named Saraswati SHG at Regeda Village among social Excluded family. She helps to Maintain SHG registers. In every month she organises meeting with women groups and discussed not only their IGP activities she also discussed mother & child health Care, Health care of adolescent girls, Use of Mosquito nets.

In last February 2011 Jangaseni Participated in 3days Health volunteers training at Rangapadar, Dr. B. Dinesh Baliga, Skillshare International, New Delhi had attended as a resource person in this 3 days training Programme. Jangaseni says "this health programme was very learn for me, then I helped women in my village & children in my School for Health Care. In that training Dr. Baliga Sir discussed the facilities of Disabled persons, & their rights, that has more encourages me for strengthen the Disable Committee".

Jangya became the vice president in this committee. They identified their problems & rights and participated in a rally in M.Rampur Block and gave a memorandum to BDO & Tehasildar. They demanded Disable pension should be Rs. 200 to Rs.1000, Indra Awas House, Free journey by train & bus for disable persons, Loan for IGP activities etc.

I am fully able , those who think that I am unable I think they are mentally unable" Jangyaseni says strongly in front of member of parliament of Kalahandi during the inauguration of 2nd Phage Vocational training programme running by Seba Jagat with the support of FVTRS.