Child Rights Development

eba Jagat has been working sponsor relation activities with the support of ChildFund India in 22 villages in 8 Gram Panchayat of Golamunda block in Kalahandi district. 500 children from 22 villages are enrolled in the project. The goal of the program is :

"To strengthen the sponsor relationship and better management for building a positive relation between the sponsor and the child"

Major activities under Sponsor Relation

Conducted meeting with Sponsored parents and sharing to them on sponsor feeling, opinion, affection, gratitude, living style by sharing and exposed of sponsor letter, greeting, photography and gifts.

All the enrolled children of the project were using the child journal with the hand holding support of village volunteers and project people and organizing competitions like-drawing, painting and letter writing among children & developed their knowledge on creative and innovative ideas.

  • Celebration of Sponsor's week to wish sponsor's long life, good health, peace and prosperity.
  • Sharing about the sponsor to the child and his/her family to build a stable relation between them.
  • Maintenance of sponsor's log book

Tutorial Centre and Balbadi Centre for Children

Seba Jagat also running 7 nos of tutorial centre and 5 Balbadi centre in interior area who have not set any family for education. At present such type of 12 centers are running in Golamunda Block of Kalahandi district. Which is helping more than 400 neglected children. Still there are thousands of children are left out from all the Govt. and other facilities, which need to be addressed.

Activities Taken So far on the issue

Education Programme at Seba Jagat is one of the entry point activities which has been one of the focal areas of intervention since the start of its work and since its origin. In addition, Seba Jagat's reason for working on children rights is more from the perspective of working for the rights and development of the tribal communities which represent the most systematically and structurally deprived sections of the society. . And it is the belief that the building blocks of any community lie in its children who are represent its future.

Awareness Generation Programme

Seba Jagat has been implementing innovative programme to create awareness among the peoples towards Education for their children, on Child Rights, Right to Education etc. As part of the mass campaign, Gram Panchayat (GP) level mass rallies of community members, opinion makers, and women group members, parents of child labourers, teachers and students are organized apart from meetings and dialogues.

Campaign in weekly Haats

The weekly Haats (market) in the Panchayat is the centre of mass gathering. Haat days are normally off days and thousands of people come there either for making sales or purchases. Awareness generation through information dissemination would cover hundreds of people in a particular day.

Formation of Childrens Club /Shishu Adhikar Club

In order to develop creativity among children and to obtain their participation in the village development process these clubs are formed. These clubs facilitate awareness building among the community in general and the parents in particular with respect to hazards of child labour and importance of education. The members of the club motivate and mobilize the parents of the child labourers to send their children to school and sensitize the community on Child Rights.

Micro plan on education

Seba jagat closely involved in preparation of village level micro plan on education and working on its with the support of government and funding agency .

Formation & strengthening child well being committee

Seba Jagat has formed child well being committee at project level and organizing their quarterly meeting in regular basic. The committee taking leading role towards sensitization to people on child right, child protection and review the progress of children in this platform. , Child abuse and neglect of the area has been identified and follow up action taken to reduction of these issues.

Developed Child protection standard

Providing physical and mental protection to the child inside and outside the school is most important in developing a healthy environment fear is being physically and mentally assaulted is the prime reason for the dropout of children in the school. Keeping this in view, SEBA JAGAT with the support children Federation, VEC member and PRIs members developed a children protection Standard will encourage the child to attend the school and learn according to his/her pleasure and ability. The standard will also get some guidelines for teachers to adopt right attitude, and provide appropriate environment/opportunity for the children to learn.

Organizing Health and hygienic session at school with the supports of teachers and promoting the best hygienic practices among children.

Conducting Interface meeting of VEC, PTA and teachers & convergence meeting of school management committee and review school activities, discussion on school management, various issues, gaps between the parents and school management committee. Sensitizing to PRI, SHGs, and PTA on Child protection policy at Project level improving their knowledge on Child protection policy and taking adequate effort at village level.
Right to Education (RTE) and Child Right training to community leaders and sensitizing to them on child right, role and responsibilities of Government, local administration, parents towards child education and discussion on responsibility of school teachers and community on school management, etc

Child Participation (Child parliament/ Interface meeting)

The interface meeting of children with various line department official conducting at project level. This is a very good platform for children to raise their voice on various issues towards health, education and livelihood option of their parents. It is called Child parliament because the program organizing on parliamentary process. The children are divided in to two group and the leaders of the groups elected as democratic system and then leaders are participated in debate on child issues in the child parliament in the presence of line department.

Summer Camp

Organizing summer camp for children in the period of summer vacation, where the child club leaders, enrolled children of the project are participating in various activities i.e cultural program, sports program, tips on letter writing, drawing, use of child journal and wall magazine and improved their knowledge in this regards.

Networking with different Networks

Organization has built-up network with VCRO (Voice For Child Rights Orissa) ,Zonal Convener of JJND-Orissa (Juvenile Justice National Desk) etc.

Proposed for Future Action

Although Seba Jagat has taken-up some innovative and effective programmes in the field of Education and Child Rights but it has some limitations provided for limited number of children's and their families. Still there are thousands of needy children of our operational area in Kalahandi and Kondhamal district are left out from all the Govt. and other facilities, which need to be addressed through different interventions like as:

  • Strengthen the existing schooling system.
  • Creating the innovative model education programme in left out villages/hamlets of Kalahandi.
  • Enrolment of dropout/left out children in the formal schools.
  • Implementation of Right to Education and Child Rights.
  • Conducive learning environment at school created.
  • To ensure and converge for better livelihood of each family so that child does not have to work for income of family and can concentrate on her/his studies.
  • To provide basic health services for them in remote, inaccessibility areas.
  • Participatory Child Centric and Eco-friendly school development plan.
  • Involvement of CBO's and PRI members in the planning, implementation and monitoring process.
  • Networking with different likeminded organizations /FORUM's/Networks in the district, state and National level.