Vocational Training For Children

  • By second phase training program 20 children have trained on Bamboo Craft & 40 girl children on wool weaving of M. Rampur Block. Three month tailoring training has received by 20 nos. of Tribal girls of Urladani GP of M. Rampur Block.
  • Apart from this 30 & 34 children of Regda & Urladani NCLP school
  • On Palm Craft making 30 children of Regda NCLP School & 34 children of Urladani have trained on Palm Leaf Craft making, tailoring and wool processing.

Distinct Achivement

  • 32 Nos. of children from two National Child Labour schools mainstreamed to Formal school.
  • 39 children from preparatory & non formal schools of Urladani GP are mainstreamed to formal school.
  • 86 Nos. of drop out children is enrolled in primary school.
  • Community leaders of 18 Villages were sensitized on Child protection policy.
  • Community participation increased in school management.